Friday, August 2, 2013

Rustic Candle Holder

Look at how cute my tree slice looks all styled up as a candle holder!

Do you remember when this happened?  This is a result of a storm like that one.  I asked the nice man with the chain saw to "slice" off a few pieces of a fallen tree for me before he tossed it all in the chipper.  I dried them out in the kiln and then sanded the "h-e-double hockey sticks out of them.  After they were thoroughly sanded, I used mineral oil on the tops, to seal them and prepare them for use.

 These slices are from a Linden Tree.  I just love how pronounced the growth rings are on them.  I have some maple slices from another storm waiting to be sanded and you can barely see the growth rings.  I am curious how they will look after they are sanded.  Don't worry, I will report back on that project!

The candles look really cute on the wood slice, but it seemed a little blah to me.  There is not enough contrast between the color of the candles and the color of the wood.

So I picked some herbs from the garden to add some interest and some color.  This is oregano in the front and I have parsley on the left and lemon balm on the right.  So pretty and so fragrant!

I also use these slices weekly to serve cheese and dried meat and salami!

Would you ever use a piece of a tree in your home?  If you are thinking about bugs, drying them in the kiln puts and end to any creatures.  RIP creatures!

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