Friday, August 2, 2013

Recycling Tags!

Look at the cute, but sharp, little tags that I made out of my empty Coke cans!

I wanted some little tags to put on some jars (more recycling) that I have been using as candle holders out on the patio.  But, I needed something that would stand up to the rain and elements, so I decided that the Coke can was the way to go.   

I even tied a few of them onto branches in the trees by the patio.  Cute right?

So here is how it all went down, if you are interested.
Drink all of your coke up and rinse the can, then cut the top and bottom off with tin snips.

All of these parts are sharp, like really sharp!  So do what I did and wear gloves, your hands will thank you!  After you get the tops and bottoms off, you will be able to cut the cans with a scissor.  Don't use your fancy sewing scissors, because I don't know what this will do to them.  I used my garden variety scissor that I have already messed up by cutting wire, Coke cans and all sorts of other things that they have no business cutting!

After all of the cutting you will end up with these nice rectangles of aluminum.

Now you just draw or trace your shapes and cut them out with the scissor!

They were cute enough like they were, but then I got my little metal stamps out and stamped some words and dates on them.

 I used a nail to punch a little hole on the top so that I could hang them up!

They are super cute, but again, they are very sharp, so don't put them where someone could get hurt.  

Have you ever made anything out of your recycled cans?

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