Monday, October 7, 2013

Hand Painted!

Guess what I did this afternoon?  I painted sangria pitchers and may I just tell you, it was one of the most fun afternoons I have had in a while!  So, I mentioned yesterday that I have been hired to paint pitchers for a restaurant, and I worked on them for about two hours this afternoon and I just had the best time.

 I actually painted these same pitchers, for the same restaurant, for about 10 years.  Then...I became burned out on the design (which I always loved) but after painting it about 1,500 times, I had had enough.  So I walked away from these pitchers and never looked back.

Then, earlier this summer, I ran into the owner of the restaurant.  He told me how much they missed the pitchers, the replacements were not as pretty, nobody liked them, they broke too easily, etc...  And for some reason, I was ready to paint them again!

So here I am in the early stages of the LaTasca Sangria pitcher.  I am so excited to be painting them again!

The first load will be going into the kiln on Wednesday!

By the way, pitcher aside, LaTasca has fantastic sangria, red and white!

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