Monday, October 21, 2013

Bouncing Baby...


Let me back up a step.  First we found a totally DEAD opossum in our yard.  It was so foul, it just dropped dead by the back fence.  It didn't miraculously disappear by itself, so today, with the help of our son and his friend, we...ahem...disposed of the dearly departed.  It was sad, and disgusting,  but mostly disgusting.

Then, in what can only be interpreted as the universe trying to correct itself, we saw the cutest baby squirrel in our yard.  I had the most fun watching it and having it follow me around the yard, until it finally occurred to me that I was not in a Disney movie, it was not going to talk to me and something wasn't right with the situation.

What was this baby doing out alone, it was tiny!  And it was cold out, and getting dark soon!  We watched for a mama to come and get him, but it didn't happen, so I panicked!

I walked over the tiny little guy with gloves on, in case it freaked  I freaked.  I sort of crouched in front of it and it walked right over to me and as I put my hands down, he crawled into them, shaking and shivering!  It was just the cutest and tiniest little guy.

We put him in a cage in the garage with a bunch of towels and left a message for the Wildlife Rescue.  They called back, assured us that we did the right thing, and made an appointment for us to take him to the refuge tomorrow morning.

So fingers crossed that this little cutie makes it through the night.  

I am a crazy squirrel lady!!!
Do you remember this?  Obviously we have issues at Factory 506!

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