Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Jewelry Making...Again!

I am on a roll with the DIY jewelry making!  I can't stop myself, I just love making jewelry and am still not tired of working with my coins.  This time I have made a gypsy lucky charm necklace.  I am a BIG believer in lucky charms...when I "feel" like they are working.  When they are not working, I totally do NOT believe in them.  As my husband says, I am consistently inconsistent.  

For this necklace, I just tied two pieces of leather cord together and made knots to hold the various coins and charms in place.  That blue charm is a scarab from Egypt, there is a lucky skull and some other gold charm that I figured must be lucky since I found it.  I wrapped some pink string around the cord where it looked like it needed color.  I used the same wrapping technique that I used here.  

I can wear it as a long single strand or I can double it up and wear it shorter.

Do you like making jewelry?  Do you ever see a piece in a store and think to yourself "I can make that"?