Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wrapped Rope

I originally made this wrapped rope project to use up lots of scraps of yarn, string and ribbon that I had laying around, taking up valuable storage space.  I honestly CAN NOT seem to throw supplies away!  I guess my hoarding tendencies force me to come up with new ideas to use up "stuff".  At least that is what I am telling myself!

Here it is all coiled up hanging on the door.  I usually have it draped around the door frame in the kitchen, leading into the dining room.   I tried to get a photo of it in its natural habitat, but the light was uncooperative.  
This is a super easy project and it is one of those mindless activities that you can whip out without really having to concentrate.  

Here are the instructions, if you are interested in making one for yourself...

All you need is clothesline, or rope.  I used this one, and I got it at my local Ace Hardware.

To start this project you need to cut a piece of clothesline to the length you want.  This one is about 14 feet, because I want it to be long enough to hang around a door frame.  Bundle the excess up with a rubber band to keep it out of your way as you are working.  

Then you just tie a piece of yarn onto one end of the rope.  You basically just keep wrapping and wrapping the yarn around the rope.  I like to use lots of different colors and I try to make sure that all of the blocks of color are not the same size.   I also use things that are different textures, like yarn, ribbon, twine and even fabric.

When you want to change colors just tie a simple knot, like in the picture above, then tie on a new color and start all over again.

After you tie the knot to finish a color, just leave the tail and wrap the next color over it.   I make a loop at each end, so that I can hang some pompoms from the ends!  Easy, right?

When I tie the ribbons or fabric on, I usually leave a piece of the ribbon out, instead of wrapping over it.  Just because I think it looks cute that way.  But you could wrap over it if you wanted.  
Once I have the whole rope wrapped, I hang the pompoms on the ends and little tassels and bells here and there.  

I really can not get enough of these wrapped ropes, they are so colorful and fun.  I love to hang them all  over the place.  I have also used them as the ribbon on packages and I even wrapped them around the Christmas tree one year. 

What do you think?  Could you find a place to hang a wrapped rope?  Would you ever make one?

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