Monday, July 1, 2013

Tree Beads

 I love all kinds of beads, but I especially love making beads out of small pieces of tree branches.  I call them "tree beads" for obvious reasons.

Tree Beads are basically small cuts of wood from branches that you might prune off of your trees or bushes.  I just cut them with my pruning clipper, they are not even big enough to use a saw.  Then I drill a small hole through the middle so that I can string them, just like regular beads.

I like to use all kinds of wood so that I have different colors and different sizes so it does not look too uniform.  Sometimes I strip the bark off, to give them another color and texture.  They are so simple to make and look so cute made into garlands and necklaces.  

  Here they are on my urn...

And on the fence...

And, as I am sure you have noticed, I like all of my creatures, statues and animals to be fully accessorized, so here are some tiny ones on this guy, who by the way is in charge of holding the incense at Factory 506...

As you can see I have added a tassel, that happens a LOT here!

Would you ever make tree beads?  Wouldn't they look cute on an outdoor Christmas Tree?

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