Monday, June 24, 2013

Things Happen!

When things like this happen in my neighborhood...

...first I worry about my neighbors.  Then, I worry about the poor tree!

Then I see this...

and this...

...and I am all wound up because, I love FREE supplies, I love working with tree wood, there is something wrong with me!  Next thing you know, this is what is happening at the Factory!

This gets fired up...

Then this ends up hanging in a tree!

And this ends up on the shelf!

Then my arm gets tired from drilling holes in tree wood, and I start planning about 400 more projects with my tree wood!

Here are some basic instructions if you are interested.

*For the tiny sticks hanging in a tree, just drill a very small hole with a tiny drill bit and string the sticks onto a thin wire, like beads.  I made this one with the sizes graduated, but it looks very cute if you just keep it random too.

*For the pencil holder, I used a 1/2 inch boring bit to drill the holes for the pens and pencils.  Then I sanded the top of the log with a medium grit sand paper.  

Do you ever make anything with tree wood?  Other than a fire!


  1. Lisa, this is awesome! Do you have any projects next weekend that I can help with?? I need some inspiration for my record player...

  2. I DO have some crafts you can help with...making cement stuff tonight! You should come over!!! I will e-mail you.

  3. Looks like I don't have your e-mail after all. Please join us at 6:30pm tonight if you are available. I will be thinking about your record player, but I like the idea of white too!