Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY with tiny roses!

I am at it again with the Trader Joe's flowers.  Now my teeny tiny spray roses are the victims.  After they started to droop, I just chopped them all off of the their stems, then I let them thoroughly dry in this little bowl.  They look so cute, even just in the bowl.  And I must say, I love the pink and blue combo.

But I couldn't let this be the end, I needed a quick fix, I mean project.  They seemed like they would be so sweet as another flower necklace, for one of the many creatures who calls Factory 506 home!  Needle and thread and about 5 minutes was all it took...  Until I decided that it needed little orange tassels on the ends.

  Doesn't it look cute hanging on my urn?

But even cuter on this little antique fawn, who by the way, also loves turquoise jewelry and leopard print.  But who doesn't???

And here she is all dressed up enjoying the day under the hydrangea bushes.  


  1. Tassles!! I am totally bringing tiny roses to make this when we come over to the factory! Cannot wait

  2. Bring tiny roses and we will string them up!!! Can not wait for our project day!