Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hand Print Season Opener!

I warned you that hand print season was coming!  Yesterday was the "Official Season Opening" as I loaded my first victim's prints into the kiln.

My friend Meg graciously offered up her adorable daughter, Kay, to be my test printer.  We did two salad sized plates to make sure I had not forgotten how to do them, paint, load the kiln, etc…

This is how they started, just a plain brown hand and a plain green hand.

Then I dolled them up and turned them into a turkey and a tree and painted a simple border.  When the paint was dry, I glazed them and popped them into the kiln.  Eight hours later…

A little turkey!

And a sweet little tree!

If you don't want them painted, then hide your children when you see me coming!!!

Thank you Kay for being such a fabulous hand model!

More hand prints here!

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  1. What kind of paint do you use and do you put a sealer on them? Do you bake them?