Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Birthday!

Someone at Factory 506 had a Halloween Birthday, and a lot of Birthday Donuts were eaten!!!

And I was very busy at the wood shop making a present for him!  
Check it out…

It looks kind of creepy like this, but it is a holder for some of his pencils.  I cut a piece of a branch, chiseled the bark off, sanded it, then drilled a bunch of holes in the top, and sanded again.  Then I added a ribbon, I couldn't help my self, it needed it!

After I gave it to Mark, he filled it up right away with a bunch of his drawing pencils, and it looks much  better!

I made the card too!

And look at my sweet baby working on his present for Mark!
(He painted a picture frame and put his school picture in it!  It is so stinkin' cute!!!

Happy Birthday Mark!
 It was a great birthday weekend!!!

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