Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY with Flower Petals!

I LOVE to treat myself to flowers from Trader Joes.  The price is right, they always have a nice variety of flowers and a great selection of colors.  I fell particularly hard for my last bunch, a beautiful bundle of the most perfect big, fluffy, peachy/pink/soft yellow roses.  I was so sad when they started to fade and droop.  Death was inevitable, but I found a way to enjoy them for a bit longer!

I carefully pulled all the petals off of the stems and used a needle and thread to make them into a necklace of sorts.  Who did I know who needed a flower petal necklace?

This guy! 
 Look at him all secure in his masculinity wearing a flower necklace.  

I am not sure what will happen to them over time, but I will report back!


  1. They are dry, but they still look good!!! I will post an updated pic...